Wardrobe Edit

Have you ever opened your closet and looked at your clothes only to think, "I have nothing to wear"? Wardrobe Editing provides the foundation for building a spectacular collection of clothes that you love. (more info)

From Breakup to Bombshell

Going through a breakup is a very difficult time in life. It can also be an opportunity to get back to the basics and take care of yourself while you get ready for life's next adventure. (more info)

The Stylish Bride

Preparing for your wedding is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience! The Stylish Bride will make sure you look fabulous for all of the events surrounding your big day. (more info)


Style Workshop

Our most popular service! The Style Workshop is a personalized 2-day experience that will get you organized and reconnected with what you own and who you are. (more info)

Smokin' Hot Momma

The Smokin' Hot Momma service is a Wardrobe Editing / Style Workshop that pays special attention to the clothing needs of new mothers. (more info)

Bon Voyage! 

Are you getting ready for a big vacation or work trip? The Bon Voyage service will make sure you look chic while you are away from home. (more info)