"At first I had my doubts that spending two days sorting my closet would be worthwhile. Yet, a year later, the time spent with Kaarin is still paying off. I saved a lot of money by making better use of what I already had. Kaarin recommended some basic items to purchase, which I now wear frequently. By the end of our two days together, I had fully absorbed Kaarin's tips on how to select clothes that fit and flatter. She provided a shopping list and paint chips to guide me as I shopped on my own. Now when I go shopping, it's almost as if Kaarin is sitting on my shoulder saying, 'Don't buy that, it's too baggy,' or 'Buy that, it fits well and will pull what you already have together." - Sheila W. 


"Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Kaarin I knew I had picked the right person with whom to have this experience. She immediately made me feel comfortable. I never felt like my wardrobe or my style was being judged. Kaarin was always affirming, encouraging, and helpful. She listened to what I had to say, and her feedback was spot-on and insightful. She went the extra mile to make sure I had a fun and rewarding experience, and I would recommend her skills to anyone. As a result of my time with Kaarin I have fewer clothes in my closet, but I have many more outfits and, even better, a boost of confidence!" -Nancy D.  _______________________________________________________________

"Closet Caucus helps you establish your personal brand. The experience is fun, therapeutic, inspiring, and educational, and the advice is practical and meaningful and totally customized. Now when I'm shopping, I find myself hearing Kaarin's voice telling me, 'too much black!'" -Shari W. 


"Kaarin Moore is very thoughtful in her approach to editing wardrobes. She is able to take your current wardrobe and give you a different perspective on what you already own. Kaarin edited my wardrobe for a vacation to Turks & Caicos. I didn't have to buy anything new because Kaarin put items of clothing together in a way that I never would have done on my own. I looked fabulous all 7 days of my trip. She is beyond creative and thoughtful." -Carmel P. 


"...It seemed to be the ideal time to reevaluate my wardrobe. With many changes occurring among them surviving breast cancer, leaving my profession, and adding grandchildren, I felt my clothes no longer reflected me. Sadly, my attempts to figure out just what 'look' that would portray me had been abysmal failures.

We began the process of emptying my closet and evaluating, piece by piece, what I had. With her, it became so clear and easy...honestly fun. I had such a sense of being unburdened by clothes that simply no longer worked. After that task, I left her to do her magic. And, wow, what magic! She assembled a dozen different outfits from my existing clothing, creating a new look, showing options that had never occurred to me. As I modeled the now look, I truly felt transformed from frumpy to fabulous

The multi-step process that Closet Caucus offers is priceless - self-assessment, closet purge, outfit visioning, shopping 'need' list, donation itemization. What more could I want? After purging a bulging closet of more than twelve large bags, I found myself changed. For the first time in my 5'9" life, I'm happily wearing heels! Instead of standing before a stuffed closet unable to find anything to wear, I now stand before a streamlined one, with too many options to number.

Now, best of all, I'm no longer hiding. I feel great facing my world! I wish everyone could have the experience with Kaarin Moore." -Marie R. 


"Before I did the closet edit with Kaarin I spent most mornings staring into my closet, unable to see the (wardrobe) forest for the trees. I had lost touch with what I was trying to express through my clothing choices. I couldn't see the bigger picture because I had so much accumulated 'dead wood' clothing obscuring the view. Kaarin helped me relocate my style by sorting out the things that didn't fit anymore - physically, yes, but also mentally, in the items that no longer fit my personality. Buy decluttering my closet, Closet Caucus gave me a clearer view of my style and how I want to express my personality through clothes...I feel much more confident about wearing what is in my closet now that I feel more like myself in my clothes." -Sarah F. 


"Kaarin did a fantastic job of finding out my personality before working with me. She didn't ignore who I am to make me trendy, but made suggestions and edits which complemented my personality. I ended up with a clearer idea of what I should be looking for in clothes - and knowledge that I don't have to spend lots of money to look good." -Navin V. 


"Working with Kaarin made my packing and planning experience for an important work trip with the Travel Channel so simplified and less stressful. I needed a wide variety of clothes for hot days on a television shoot and an option to dress up or down depending on different scenarios I might find myself in on the trip. Kaarin worked her magic. She had a great vision for what I might need and chose options accordingly. She found ways to maximize my wardrobe choices throughout my trip. It was a pleasure working with her..." -Jen B.