My Promises to You

I Will...

  • ask lots of questions about your life, your lifestyle, your favorite movies, your favorite colors, people you admire, your goals, and the style vision you have in mind. 
  • suggest clothing options and opinions based on your body type and what you would like to express.
  • be kind and respectful. 
  • encourage you to make choices based on who you are in this moment, not who you were 10 years ago, or who you will be 10 pounds from now. 

I Will Not...

  • try to turn your style into my style. You are unique, and what you want to convey through clothing is important.
  • be critical.
  • tell you to throw everything out and start from scratch. 
  • tell you to spend lots of money on new clothes.
  • judge you for still having acid wash jeans in your closet. Everyone owns things that worked for them at one point in life. My objective is to stand by your side as you let go of items that aren't working for you anymore.