What is Closet Caucus? 

Closet Caucus is a fashion and wardrobe consulting company located in Washington, DC. 

Why the name Closet Caucus? 

I wanted a business name that evoked DC roots. Washington has always inspired me - it's a city of perpetual overachievers, hard workers, and people who are fighting like mad to inspire change. I was also interested in finding a name that accurately describes what I do. The idea of a caucus came to mind - a meeting of the minds where decisions are made together. It truly is a team effort as I ask questions, listen, gently move people out of comfort zones, and act as a guide while clients reach personal decisions about style. 

The Closet Caucus Journey (Or How I Got Here) 

Fashion has always been a fun part of my life. When I first moved to DC, I found myself surrounded by single friends and was frequently invited to go on shopping trips, was asked questions about style, and put together outfits for people when they went on interviews, dates, and long vacations. At one point I thought, "You know - I'm doing this all of the time. I should start a business." It was an exciting idea, but one that I never took that seriously. 

Then my entire life changed. I woke up one June morning and felt tingling in the left side of my body. The tingling / numbness didn't go away that day. Or the next day. Or for the next year and a half. At my worst point, I had trouble speaking, walking, and moving my hands. 

Doctors were at a loss as to what was occurring. It was during that time I realized that I had wasted too many moments of my life hating my body. I felt enlightened, embarrassed, and humbled by the lesson. It took nearly two years to find out that I was having a bizarre reaction to a medication. I stopped taking the medicine, and in two weeks I was not only walking - I was running again.  

I began to brainstorm ways I could help people make peace with their bodies. I thought back to the many days I spent with friends working on questions of style. The desire to talk with others about body image and clothing became a passion. So, I quit my job working with a nonprofit in downtown DC and launched Closet Caucus.  

The results have been beyond anything I could imagine. I've had clients go from, "I feel frumpy and unattractive," to, "I know I'm sexy," in 48 hours. I have witnessed the relief that comes from getting rid of decades of clothing. Clients frequently experience a shift that has nothing to do with clothing, but with self-perception. 

I'm blessed to have a job that has me asking lots of questions, actively listening, and working with clients toward an end product that is a catalyst for feeling more glamorous, more at peace, and more engaged with life.